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Hallo zusammen! Dies hier habe ich heute bekommen und meine Antwort stelle ich dazu. Gruss, Thomas
Dear Mr. Eversberg,

I read your announcement for the WR140 campaign and just want to know
if it will be conducted only at MONS observatory or do you accept
from other observatories ?

If the answer of the above if yes, please tell me if the equipment of my
is able to contribute with scientific results to these campaign. Thank you.

Dispersion: 94.18 A/mm, 0.81 A/pixel
Diffraction grating (1st order): 1800 lp/mm
H-alpha resolution (R): 4900
Doppler resolution (H-alpha): 38.3 Km/s
Optical compression (collimador / objective focal ratio): 2.14
Instrument : F/1.9 EFFL: 180 mm
Slits : 26 um and 62 um.
Bandwidth : 3702 – 7936 A
Total weight: 3.1 Kg. (with an eyepiece, CCD and two reference lamps).
Optical type: Cassegrain Relay
Diameter / F ratio : 400 mm. F6.5

All the above equipment, except the optics, has been designed and make
my myself

Clear skies
Joan Genebriera, Tacande Observatory, La Palma
Hi Joan! I am very happy that you contact me. Thank you very much!

Basically: YES! We welcome EVERY contribution from all over the world. The campaign started earlier befor I learned that MONS is available. In fact, we started with privat telescopes in Germany and then I spoke to my old Professor and friend Tony Moffat about it. So, finally we started a world wide campaign...and then I discovered MONS. So, you see, this is a campaign for EVERYBODY who is interested. It's nice to have you on board.

Yes, your instrumentation is fine. The LHIRES is very popular and good for these observations. For instrumentation set-up and general discussions I strongly recommend to join our discussion forum at . There we are in permanent exchange with a number of colleagues. But as I see it, a 400mm telescope delivers enough photons for good S/N even for a faint star like WR 140, even if your website speaks about a limit of 7mag.

You accurately should check the visibility at the western side of La Palma. Take the coordinates at you will see if WR 140 is visible at different times. Here is a short list I sent to the MONS people to ask if the mount can go to the horizon. I t can well be that you do not reach the star in the evenning before periastron passage.


Dec 1
7:30 – 10:00 pm
53° - 27°
310° - 311°
1.3 – 2.2

Jan 1
7:30 – 9:00 pm
32° - 17°
310° - 315°
1.9 – 3.4

Feb 1
6:00 – 7:00 am
15° - 24°
44° - 47°
3.9 – 2.5

Mar 1
5:00 – 6:30 am
23° - 38°
48° - 51°
2.6 – 1.6

I will place your message into the forum so that the gang is informed about your participation.

Cherio and many greeting from Bonn, Thomas

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