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Neuer spaltfreier Spektrograph, speziell für Coronae
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Autor:  Christian Netzel [ 04. Februar 2020, 09:22:36 AM ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Neuer spaltfreier Spektrograph, speziell für Coronae

hat jemand schon mal hiervon gehört? ... ctrograph/
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Autor:  Christian Netzel [ 19. März 2020, 19:50:36 PM ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Re: Neuer spaltfreier Spektrograph, speziell für Coronae

inzwischen gibt es mehr Information.
Von Ken Harrison:
I received a reply from Ari Voulgaris Re the Icarus spectrograph:

My name is Aristeidis Voulgaris and I’m designing/constructing/using optomechanical instruments, mostly for the research/scientific environment, especially for solar corona spectroscopic observations and also for electro-optic effects in birefringent crystals.

Icarus Spectrograph models (and also custom designs), (slitless, slit, mirror slit-guiding, fibered, mirror fibered-guider, special curved slit, also in NIR spectral band etc.), were designed/constructed in Icarus optics laboratory for many uses and applications. Our constructions are not mass production and each of our instruments is tested separately.

Regarding your questions:

- specs for the Icarus design: metal box about 35 X 20 X 10 cm up to 50 X 70 X 20 cm

- design f ratio: (can be constructed for any f number…), usually in about f/5 (up to f/3)

- slit gaps: any dimension of gap, but Fixed, usually 26μm up to 100μm.

- R value: usually about R9000-R50000 (theoretical)

- efficiency: it depends by the design, grating etc.

- possibility of slit guiding: definitely yes! Via mirror slit using very hard stainless metal slit jaws (also for direct exposure to the solar radiation without any problem) - No glass with aluminium or chromium (or other material) coating, in order to avoided the internal reflections in the glass.

- pricing: depended by the specifications, about 2000-3000 euros (for mirror slit model), about 900+VAT for slitless, and for additional parts in order to transformed into (simple) slit or fibered spectrograph +600 euros +VAT

- availability: about one month (including the tests in the sky).

Icarus Slitless Spectrograph-Pro models, flew with G-III NASA aircraft ... erage.html and "observed" and captured the Total Solar Eclipse of 2019 from Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory (it was the 9th eclipse for Icarus Spectrograph). The coronal/chromospheric spectra were published in Sky&Telescope ... ty-report/.

Außerdem: ... ctrograph/
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