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Warum Kometen fotografieren - ein persönliches Statement
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Autor:  Roland Fichtl [ 06. Mai 2021, 12:21:55 PM ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Warum Kometen fotografieren - ein persönliches Statement

Als ich 2013 im April nach einem vollkommen durchnebelten Winter 2012/2013 (0 Beobachtungen von November - März) zu den Kometen kam, geschah das nicht aus hehren Motiven (z.B. Interesse an Kometenphysik), sondern aus pragmatischen Erwägungen. Schmalbandfotografie erscheint bei unseren (fränkischen) Bedingungen kaum mehr möglich, bei notwendigen Gesamtbelichtungszeiten so um die 20 Stunden, also musste ein Betätigungsfeld her, um schnellere Ergebnisse zu erzielen ....

Gestern musste ich wieder daran denken, Sternwarte auf, C/2020 R4 eingestellt, Belichtungsstart und nach nur 5 frames a 40 Sekunden Wolken und Sternwarte wieder zu. Nichtsdestotrotz konnte mit der Gesamtbelichtungszeit von 3 Minuten schon ein Bild erstellt werden, Schlechtwetterfotografie sozusagen ......

Lg roland

2020R4_20210505_2045_5B_40sec_1600_W-small.jpg [ 63.84 KiB | 529 mal betrachtet ]

Autor:  Michael Jäger [ 06. Mai 2021, 14:58:33 PM ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Re: Warum Kometen fotografieren - ein persönliches Statement

Hallo Roland dafür ist die Aufnahme sehr gut geworden. Ich wollte nie Deep Sky machen, weil es immer schon so viele Aufnahmen vom Orionnebel etc. gab. Gruß Michael

Autor:  Mike Olason [ 06. Mai 2021, 22:23:33 PM ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Re: Why comets photograph - a personal statement

Hi Gentlemen,

Roland, I could only hope to take a nice image like you have posted that you are not happy with. We would enjoy your weather for a few days in the desert if you could send it to us.

I seldom post any images of the brighter comets except for gifs or something of special interest because there are so many great images of the bright comets by members of the club and others. About the only thing that my rather sad images of bright comets do is make everyone appreciated all the really nice images that have been taken by others. So as Michael said, for me, what is the use when there are so many great shots out there. Thus I put my sad imaging skills to work on faint comets where my bad skills are less noticeable but there is a lack of images.

As for the weather, it is now warming up in the desert, 97F at 1 pm. Last night I had to retake new darks for a "warmer" CCD chip. I was always told that the desert cooled off at night, I guess 70s and 80s is considered cool when the days are 100+. Not good for cooling the CCD chip on my old cameras.

By the way, Comet C/2020 J1 (SONEAR) is really condensed and a lot brighter than I expected, will post some images later.

Autor:  Roland Fichtl [ 07. Mai 2021, 13:52:02 PM ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Re: Warum Kometen fotografieren - ein persönliches Statement

dear Mike,
a small hint from Germany, you should move from Tucson to the nearby Mt. Lemmon site, much better conditions ;-)
cu roland

Autor:  Mike Olason [ 08. Mai 2021, 00:04:52 AM ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Re: Warum Kometen fotografieren - ein persönliches Statement

Hi Roland,

If I wanted to live near Mt Lemmon I would have to sell all of your telescopes and cameras to afford it. Supposedly Mt Lemmon gets 30 inches (76 cm) of moisture per year and 65 inches (165 cm) of snow per year. So I am thinking that Mt Lemmon would be like living in Germany with all those storms that frustrate you all the time. Yes, the temperatures are moderate up there just like what you have in Germany.

I have included a picture of the Catalina Mountains taken from my backyard taken this past March. I am not an expert on this mountain range yet but I believe I have marked Mt Lemmon correctly. Tucson is to the south of my home. The picture does not show you all the snakes, scorpions, reptiles and such that like to wonder around my backyard.

In almost a year I have only had about 5 inches of moisture, including several inches of snow. The only bad weather for imaging the sky is in July and August when the clouds from the so called Monsoon season just sit in the sky and don't move, not much rain, just clouds. I am at an elevation of 3400 feet so a few degrees cooler than Tucson during the day but for whatever reason a lot warmer at night, maybe all that hot air rising onto my hill. Most nights there is no breeze or wind which is not good during the hot summer.

MtLemmonbmpjpg.jpg [ 191.64 KiB | 400 mal betrachtet ]

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