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Comet 17P/Holmes 14 years since it's Outburst
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Autor:  Mike Olason [ 26. Mai 2021, 03:09:08 AM ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Comet 17P/Holmes 14 years since it's Outburst

Hello All,

Hard to believe it has been 14 years since Comet 17P/Holmes became a million times brighter than expected in one day.

In these images collected on 24 May 2021 Comet 17P is magnitude 15.1 with what appears to be a coma/tail complex 33"x18" at PA 270 degrees. The images were taken at the beginning of morning twilight and a jpg image never really shows what one sees in a raw fits image so it will be interesting if future images reveal some interesting things about 17P's coma and tail.

17P_20210524_1107_molason.jpg [ 245.52 KiB | 278 mal betrachtet ]

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