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     T = 2019 July  1.34801 TT        Peri. = 125.69117
     e = 0.4450957                    Node  = 111.25059 2000.0
     q = 4.9162096 AU                 Incl. =  14.58467
       a =  8.8595624 AU   n = 0.03737538   P =  26.4 years
cbet 4974

Uwe Pilz, Fachgruppen Kometen und Astrophysik/Algorithmen.
Oft benutzte Instrumente: Swarovski SLC 7x50B, Fujinon 16x70 FMT-SX-2, TMB Apo 105/650, Skywatcher Evostar 120/900 ED, Ninja Dobson 320/1440

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Hello All,

Comet P/2021 J3 (ATLAS) does not show much detail in these images for being magnitude 18.4, of course, the images collected did not look to good so must not have been a very clear sky. Rather amazing that it probably reached magnitude 17 at perihelion back in July 2019 and Michael, Roland, Maik, Uwe and all the other members missed it, could have been Comet 421P/GermanCometGroup but it must have been a long cloudy summer and year in Germany in 2019. My scopes were sitting in boxes in an old shed in North Dakota back then so not my fault. Since it only has a 26.42 year orbit one would assume that it probably has been imaged by someone in the past and may indeed become Comet 421P/???, time will tell.

By the way, if Germany can make it out of that tough group they are in at the European Cup they might have a chance to win it all since my fellow Icelanders somehow were eliminated before this summer.

2021J3_20210607_0906_molason.jpg [ 210.71 KiB | 370 mal betrachtet ]

Cheers, Mike
:lol: Arizona
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