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Sun in H-Alpha
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Autor:  Alex Geiss [ 23. März 2019, 17:19:19 PM ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Sun in H-Alpha

Hi there!

Today I got a message of my new astronomy friend Giorgio at Pergola, Italy, near my future home Colle-del-Lupo.

Few days before I informed him of a dramatically active region in H-Alpha (region 2736), because I know, that he´s an Artist in documentating the sun while observing with PST. The most active region since half a year or even more. Unfortunately they were clouded out this time and I wasn´t able to draw at that time.

But today he could draw a sketch of the sun with that interesting region and I desided to do so, too. Unfortunately I could do so more than two hours later.

So here´s what I could catch in that manner, I do:
First one as I observe and sketch through azimutal mounted PST (finding west by letting sun running out of sight),
second turned in that way that equator is rotating from left to right, sun´s northern hemisphere pointing upwards (orientation just the same as GONG H-Alpha Network

Perhaps I may show his sketch also here later.

Clear skies!

HAlphaSun 20190323.JPG
HAlphaSun 20190323.JPG [ 1.45 MiB | 835 mal betrachtet ]
HAlphaSun 20190323 upright.JPG
HAlphaSun 20190323 upright.JPG [ 1.5 MiB | 835 mal betrachtet ]

Autor:  Alex Geiss [ 26. März 2019, 22:27:56 PM ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Re: Sun in H-Alpha

Hi again!

Here I got Giorgio´s sketch of the H-Alpha-sun, which he drawed two hours before on 2019-MAR-23.
Easy to find that his one is much more detailed than mine. Not fine for me but that´s how it is.
Notice that some details are even scaled beside the sun!
Could it be he catched an ellerman bomb?



Get your PSTs out!
Sun´s new cycle has started... =D
HAlphaSun 20190323 GiorgioBonacorsi.jpg
HAlphaSun 20190323 GiorgioBonacorsi.jpg [ 5.61 MiB | 751 mal betrachtet ]

Autor:  Alex Geiss [ 31. März 2019, 13:08:39 PM ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Re: Sun in H-Alpha

Salve tutti!

Ora ho finito un altro disegno del nostro sole. Oggi è molto calmo.


Hi all!
Just finished another sketch of our sun. Today it´s very calm.

HAlphaSun 20190331.JPG
HAlphaSun 20190331.JPG [ 1.42 MiB | 669 mal betrachtet ]

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