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Sol'Ex a spectroheliograph low cost in 3D printing
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Autor:  Olivier GARDE [ 21. Januar 2021, 20:51:58 PM ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Sol'Ex a spectroheliograph low cost in 3D printing

Christian Buil have design a new spectroheliograph in 3D print.
All detail here :

Sorry this website is in only in french for the moment
And a message from Christian Buil :
Sol'Ex (for Solar Explorer) is a small instrument that you can make in 3D printing and with a minimum of means. It allows you to observe the solar atmosphere in the Hydrogen line, but also any other line of your choice. Of course here, it is question of a spectrograph, more precisely, a spectroheliograph.

First, a web site exists, which details the reasons for the project, how to make the instrument and how to use it. See here :

(In French langage for the moment, but many illustrations are present and easy to translate).

Of course, to get to the end of this achievement you must by one means or another, you can make small parts in 3D printing, either because you have a printer, or, through friends, members of a club, your company, a local FabLab, etc. You can download all the necessary files from the Solex site. Today there is no other way, because there is no mechanical parts kit.

On the other hand, a kit of the necessary optical parts exists, which will considerably facilitate your task if you want to get started. This kit includes a high performance 10 micron slit, a set of two lenses that I calculated especially for the Sol'Ex project and made specifically (I included special glasses in the formula for maximum performance), a 2400 lines/mm diffraction grating.

It will cost you a little less than 400 euros including tax (excluding shipping costs). You will find a link to a product sheet from Shelyak Instruments company on the Solex website. You benefit from this preferential rate until February 28, 2021 as part of a subscription.

I am aware that this may represent a fairly high sum for equipment to build yourself (know that the maximum has been done to lower the cost as much as possible), but I hope that reading the site will show you that the said sum will be quickly paid for itself (incidentally, we can consider doing much more than solar imaging, you will see, stellar spectrography for example).

Christian buil


Autor:  Olivier GARDE [ 28. Februar 2021, 09:55:19 AM ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Re: Sol'Ex a spectroheliograph low cost in 3D printing

The optical kit subscription ends tonight at midnight. It is not too late to order it but afterwards it will be offered at 520 € incl. VAT + shipping costs. ... t/?lang=en

Autor:  Olivier GARDE [ 11. April 2021, 20:58:58 PM ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Re: Sol'Ex a spectroheliograph low cost in 3D printing

you can now consult the English language version of Sol’Ex projet: ... on-en.html

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